Keep it simple with the FOGRod

  • 10% of the maintenance of floats
  • 10x easier than ultrasound
  • Unbreakable - 10-year warranty

This failsafe lift station level device is almost as simple as floats, but with much less maintenance; way simpler than ultrasonic; and can't fail like pressure transducers.

Why not free up some of your valuable time with the FOGRod?

  • NO moving parts, sensors, or electronics in the wetwell
  • Failsafe
  • Simple and quick to install
  • NO rewiring of your control panel
  • No configuration or calibration
  • As easy to understand as floats
  • Class I Division 2 with no barriers, Division 1 with barriers

How It Works

The FOGRod works by conductivity.  The FOGRod hangs in the lift station and connects to an electronic device in the control panel - the Level Indicator Transmitter (LIT).  

The FOGRod is a slim PVC rod with 10 metal contacts spaced down its length.  Each contact represents a different level.

Water is conductive.  The LIT applies a very low voltage signal to each contact and tests for current flow to ground.  When current flows it means the contact is covered by liquid.

The LIT has 12 relay outputs - one for each of the 10 FOGRod metal contacts and 2 fault relays.  When liquid covers a contact on the FOGRod, the relay corresponding to the contact closes.  You can wire any of the 10 relays into the start, stop and alarm inputs for your control system (e.g. a PLC).  This also means you can change the start, stop or alarm points without changing the position of the level device.

Alternatively you can use the analog output on the LIT which changes by 1mA for each FOGRod contact that is covered.

What about build Up?

Fats, Oils, and Grease - FOG - builds up on everything in the well.  That's why floats need so much cleaning.  But the FOGRod sees through the FOG!

It has no moving parts, no electronics, and when FOG builds up on the FOGRod it keeps working - until eventually the buildup gets so bad that it tells you it needs cleaning.  So you only have to clean it occasionally.  Perhaps once a month with a bad well, or once every three months with a typical well.

Cleaning the FOGRod is much easier than floats.  The bracket has a built-in wiper.  Just pull the FOGRod up through the wiper to clean off the grease.