What do I do if the alarm sounds?

On occasions, the pump alarm may sound and the alarm light will go on.  Turn off the sounds of the alarm by pressing the silence button underneath the alarm panel.  The alarm light will stay on until the alarm is cleared.  Do not open the control box or turn off power to the controls or the pump.

If the alarm light is still active after an hour, call Delco Western at (801) 972-0900 during regular business hours or (801) 493-5207 after hours.  If the alarm sounded and the system subsequently cleared iteself, you should consider what caused this to happen.

The system has a 24-hour emergency storage capacity, depending on water usage, so any repair will be carried out within the 24-hour period.  At these times, you should try to minimize the amount of wastewater going into the system.

If you notice any irregularity with the unit, such as the alarm sounding frequently, contact Delco Western.


What if the unit becomes smelly?

When operating normally, there should be no noticeable odor coming from the unit.  If it gets smelly, the unit may need flushing.  Just run clean water down your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom sink for about 10 minutes.  If the unit remains smelly, contact Delco Western.

You notice wet spots around the pumping unit or the discharge pipe?

The pumping unit and discharge pipe are totally sealed.  If you notice wet spots around the unit or pipe and there has not been any recent rain, contact Delco Western or your local plumber to investigate.

The alarm keeps going on when it rains?

It means rainwater may be getting into your system and overloading it.  Contact your local plumber to investigate.

What if my neighbor's alarm goes off and they are away?

Do not investigate the problem yourself.  Contact your local homeowner's association or property manager if there is one.  If not, contact Delco Western.

What if there is a power failure?

If there is a power failure, reduce water use where possible.  When the power comes back on, the alarm may activate until the unit clears itself.  If that happens, silence the alarm and wait for an hour.  If the alarm hasn't cleared after an hour after power has been restored, contact Delco Western.  Most units Delco Western supplies comes with a generator plug on the control panel.  If your system has a generator plug available, you can hook up your generator to run your pump during a power out emergency.  If you do not have that option, contact Delco Western to upgrade your system.  If you have a generator to supply power to your home during a power out emergency, it should supply power to the unit.