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E-One emergency, please dial (801) 493-5207

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Our Staff

Sales Staff

Service Staff

Darren Del'Andrae

Cell: (801) 652-4903

Mat Player

Outside Sales/Service
Cell: (801) 243-7848

Layne Read

Outside Sales/Municipal
Cell: (801) 541-4045

Kapono Isaacs

Outside Sales/E-One
Cell: (801) 608-1280

Steve Price

Outside Sales
Cell: (801) 498-0949

Jared "Jonesy" Jones

Service Manager
Cell: (801) 875-8403

Dominic Weber


Levi Wozab

E-One Service
Cell: (801) 493-5207 


Mike Fuwell

Inside Sales

Mark Stenholm



Marcus Cooper

Inside Sales


Brandon McGee

Vice President/Controller